All American 1941X Specs & Parts List


Media: Steam
Speed: 45 minutes
Chamber Dimensions: 14"dia x 10" deep (36cm x 25cm)
Overall Height: 16.75" (43cm)
Weight: 41lbs (19Kg)
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Air Exhaust Tube 2155-41
Aluminum Container M100095
Control Valve M100003
Clamp Bolt M1000000
Excess Pressure Release Valve 2050CS
Geared Steam Gauge M100004
Grease MZZ100711
Handle M1000037
Handle Complete (Side) M100091
Inner Container Rack M100090
Overpressure Plug M1000044
Pin Clamp Bolt M100067
Silicon Grease MZZ100711
Top Cover Nut M100002
Valve Lubricant & Sealant MZZ100711


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